Welcome! The first blog post of Topbabas

I Prasant Kumar Rai welcome’s you to Topbabas, a blog powered by WordPress CMS (Content Management System). I have started this blog with a vision to share knowledge and increase awareness about Free and Open Source Software, Blogging and Technology. The topics i will be covering here in future is going to be based on my self experience.

Prasant Kumar Rai

Special thanks to Ravi Narayan Sharma for sharing some of valuable tips and resources to improve the over all quality of website.

Since this is my first post of Topbabas, i would love if you can give your valuable feedback about my site. Having said that if you need any help from my side do let me know. You can also email me your feedback about this blog using contact form.

Keep visiting and enjoy your stay with Topbabas.


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