<About Me>

Prasant Kumar RaiI am a blogger from Shillong, India and a avid Ubuntu fan. I am passionate about GNU/Linux and Free and Open Source software. Apart from blogging i am a developer and loves to code. My main motive of launching Topbabas is to share my experiences that i have learned so far. So basically, this site is for those who want’s to learn do more with Free and Open Source Software.

</About Me>

 <Why the name Topbabas>

Kinda tough question to answer. To be honest this domain name was suggested by Ravi Narayan Sharma a friend, colleague and my mentor. I checked the same with domain registrar it was available back then and instantly i purchased my first domain name.

</Why the name Topbabas>

  <Social Presence>

I am a social networking enthusiast and can be found active on Twitter- prasantrai, Facebook- prasant1990, Google+ Prasant Kumar Rai. You can also mail me at prasant@topbabas.com.

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