How to setup Google DNS in Windows 7

If you are a BSNL or MTNL subscribers then MSM (media company owned by Sony Corporation) filed a complain in Delhi high court. Based on the complain Delhi high court has ordered to block websites including Google Docs, Google Video and Google url shortener. This disappointing judgment from Delhi high court as i don’t see any relation between Google docs and illegal football streaming. Continue Reading

How to display author picture in Google search results

Google plus authorshipGoogle has introduced a very handy feature in search result. Search giant is using existing HTML5 markup tag (rel=”author”) and XFN (rel=”me”) in order to form a relationship between authors and their content. By using author tag, webmasters can display thumbnail of their Google+ profile image in Google search results. This approach gives an edge in SERPs and at the same time embarks a trust factor between reader and author.

Google Authorship

The entire process is pretty simple and we should be having Google authorship on our website less than couple of minutes. Let’s see how:

Step 1: Create a Google+ account

If you don’t have, click the link to create a brand new Google Plus account.

Step 2: Create an About page on your Blog/Website. Once you have created about page provide a link to your Google+ profile with rel=”me” implemented in your anchor tag.

Step 3: Link content to your Google+ account.

Figure out a way to implement rel=”author” on your blog posts. You can add this on your website header, footer or sidebar.

Step 4: Final step is to linking back to your website/blog from your Google+ contributor section

Login to your Google+ account. Click on your profile tab. Navigate to contributor section and add your blog/website name and url.

Contributor Google Plus

Step 5: Time to check how your profile image will appear in Google search results. Open Google rich snippet tools, and enter your blog URL. If you followed the above steps correctly then you will see following results and that means you have successfully implemented authorship on your blog/website.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship

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Prasant Kumar Rai

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